In 1997, Greg helped build his first house from the ground up as an apprentice carpenter, and has been hooked on new construction ever since. He has specialized in new construction since 2005 when he opened GDL Contracting. Whether you need a new home, an addition, a deck, or a garage, GDL Contracting can help. Greg can assist with every stage of the project, from obtaining the needed permits, and developing blueprints to scheduling the construction timeline and working with your building inspectors. Before you begin any new construction project, give GDL Contracting a call for an estimate.


Trim carpenters, also known as finish carpenters, focus on the woodworking and trim within a home or business. From precision cutting skills to a strong understanding of hardwood grains, trim carpenters are able to pull out the natural grain of a piece of wood in a way that accents the rest of the room. GDL Contracting specializes in trim carpentry for residential homes and small businesses. Whether you have a new construction project or a remodel, call GDL Contracting for an estimate.


Since 1984, when Greg’s father opened a carpet cleaning company, Greg has been working with and around the carpet cleaning industry. When Greg’s father retired, he passed the business on to GDL Contracting. For the last two years, GDL Contracting has used kid friendly and pet safe green chemicals throughout their cleaning operation. Call with questions or to set up an appointment for a safe and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning today!

“It is the accuracy and detail inherent in crafted goods that endows them with lasting value. It is the time and attention paid by the carpenter, the seamstress and the tailor that makes this detail possible.” – Tim Jackson